Common spear-phishing tricks | Kaspersky official blog

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Virtually every employee of a large company comes across the occasional e-mail aiming to steal their corporate credentials. It’s usually in the form of mass phishing, an attack in which e-mails are sent out at random in the hope that at least some recipients will take the bait. However, the stream of phishing e-mails may […]

Windows 10 & 11: Things you should know.

Windows 10 & 11: Things you should know Digicom has been beta testing Windows 11 for quite a while now and while there were a few things we didn’t like, it’s not going to be a scary switch for those that feel at home with Windows 10.  As we mentioned in a previous article, they […]

Windows 11: Things to come

When Microsoft released Windows 10, they made the claim it would be the last version of Windows.  However, time has changed their stance and Windows 11 is on target to be released on October 20th, 2021.  It’s not time to worry about that yet, and really, no reason to worry at all when it becomes […]

Digicom’s Domain Market

Digicom Domain Market

Digicom is proud to offer our new Domain Market. The market allows you to browse premium domains that are available for auction sale or set-price sales. For our clients who have a domain they would like to sell, they are able to put their domain up for sale through their Digicom Portal. Simple select “My […]

Digicom acquires Rent A Web Guy


Digicom has acquired Rent A Web Guy and it’s hosting customers.  We look forward to continuing the hosting services and expanding the services to Digicom’s full offerings, meanwhile at the same prices!   Also, nothing will change in the way you have logged in and accessed your sites, it’ll just have more options!  We are honored […]

Digicom BBS Online for 35 Years Celebration!

Welcome to the Digicom BBS

Digicom BBS Online for 35 Years Celebration! To celebrate Digicom’s 35th year of providing online services, we wanted to tip our caps to our beginning in 1983 with bringing back the Digicom BBS that got it all started.  We’ve even included a time machine option, so you can see what the speeds were like in […]

Other Digicom’s

Digicom is a short name made up from “Digital Communications”, thus a number of companies over the years have used variations of the name.  We (Digicom LLC of Evansville, Indiana, USA) do not have any affiliation with these other companies but wanted to help share their information in hopes you can find the right one […]

Digicom acquires Fastsurf, iCountry and MagicOhio

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Public News Release:   Digicom LLC has acquired the holdings of Fastsurf LLC, which includes it’s brands of iCountry and MagicOhio, along with its DSL holdings of Fastermac and OWC.  At this time, their customers that spanned 42 states, have been brought on board with Digicom.  For those customers, the way you have used the services, […]

Our New Rescue Lens Support

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Digicom has always been a leader in online technology and once again, we take a leap forward.  Have you ever had a problem and wished you had a computer tech at your office/home already?  Now, Digicom offers the next best thing, with our Rescue Lens technology.  Using the Rescue Lens app (available for both Android […]

News14: The Data Inside

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If you missed it, Digicom’s Cyber Crime Consultant, Matt Hill, was in the news again.  Play the News Story at 14 WFIE