Our Rural Internet is a great cellular Internet option when cable options are not available or under-performing. It can also be used as a backup system so that your business never goes offline.

Fast Speeds

With Our Rural Internet, you don’t have to worried about slow speeds. With the business plan, you get higher priority during busy times.

Real Support

We know that you don’t have the time to talk to an automated voice for hours on end. When you need help, we are here to give you real support from real people who care.

Step 1: Request a Signal Evaluation

While cellular signals make it through trees, walls, and even people…It does not go through dirt or rock. For this reason, we like to do a site evaluation and look at the path the signals travel to get to your location. We do not want to waste you time if we can’t provide you an excellent solution to your Internet problems.

Signal Evaluations are free are are typically done within 24-hours.

If signal is available, we have units that can be activated the same day and ready to go!  No professional install will be needed, you simply plug it in and your Internet is ready!

Step 2: Choose Your Plan

Purple vSIM 4G/5G Data Plan

Unlimited Data
Requires a vSIM Cellular Router Purchase
Access to up to 4 carriers with auto-switch

Tower Priority

No Contracts or Credit Checks!

The Best Option

Legacy Red/Blue/Pink Physical SIM Plan

500GB Soft Cap per month
Requires approved Physical SIM Device
Locked to single carrier tower
Tower Priority
No Contracts or Credit Checks!

Step 3: Choose Your Router


Cat 6 $275 - Cat 12 $350 - Cat 20 $425

The MR40 Router is a compact and modular telecom router which support 4G to 5G connectivity and a 2.4 & 5 Ghz WIFI transmitter. The MR40 is ideal for remote workers, residential houses or small business field deployment to provide local Mobile network access points. The MR40 natively supports VSIM technology.

download test speeds

Questions? Call us at (812)437-2911 or Toll Free at (877)437-2911.

We know that you may have questions, and we are here to help. Visit our technical database, start a support ticket, or give us a call today!