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What would it cost your business to be without computers for a day? 3 days? A week? Even if it is only one employee’s computer down, it is costing you money.  Are the risks to your business’s IT being properly mitigated?  Digicom offers business IT services, cybersecurity services, and backup services – all designed to keep your business running smoothly at a cost you can afford.

DigiCARE Digicom Business IT Services
digicare services digicare services digicare services digicare services

DigiCare can help you avoid

– Technical issues that prevent employees from being productive

– Security breaches that put customer data at risk

– Downtime caused by hardware or software failures

Digicare provides

– Technical solutions to aid in keeping your business productive

– Security measures to help protect your data

– Backups to help avoid costly downtime

digicare is

DigiCARE is a great solution for businesses that need quality IT support at the appropriate levels for their business.

Our team of experienced IT professionals will deploy solutions that help your end users work without IT issues slowing them down. 

digicare can help businesses

Are the risks to your business’s IT being properly mitigated? 

Digicom offers IT services, cybersecurity services, and backup services – all designed to keep your business running smoothly at a cost you can afford.

available services

  • 24/7 Performance Monitoring 
  • Network Device Monitoring and Management
  • Routine Server and Desktop Maintenance
  • Software License and Hardware Asset Management
  • Quarterly Security Risk Assessment

available services

  • Endpoint Protection – EDR or AV
  • Patch Management – Windows and Third Party
  • Firewall Monitoring and Management
  • Backup – Desktop – Full or Critical Documents
  • Backup – Server (if applicable)

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You have my business for life. I love the personal touch you pass on to your customers; I never thought I would have my own IT team working on my computer issues! It is a MAJOR relief and a weight lifted off my back!

- customer

Digicare has saved my business so much time and money. I don't have to worry about a backup plan because Digicoms Digicare always has my entire business covered when it comes to business IT services.

- Customer

why antivirus isn't enough anymore

How secure would your home be if it had a broken window and a door latch that didn’t quite click into place?

In a company’s IT environment, a range of technologies is employed. Each of these technologies has the potential to be targeted by bad actors. We see protecting these various technologies as “layering” a security solution on each technology used within your organization. By layering the right cybersecurity tools and protocols on the technologies that make up your IT environment, we help you lower your security risk.

Here are some of the technologies you likely already have at play in your IT systems. Each should have its own layer of IT security.

  • Internet
  • Network
  • People (cybersecurity awareness)
  • Applications
  • Devices
  • Data

Providing cybersecurity management across each layer of your IT environment requires specialization in an array of high-impact protective protocols and enterprise-grade tools. Digicom leverages these solutions against ransomware, malware, phishing, and others in our continuing fight against current and emerging threats. 

We monitor, manage, and maintain each IT tool and protocol deployed in your IT environment for maximum performance and impact. In the unexpected event of an IT incident, we respond promptly and appropriately to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Let Digicom help you protect your data and your workflow.

what is patch management?

Patch management is a critical component of any successful security strategy. By implementing an effective patch management system, businesses can help protect their networks from cyber threats.

Here are some of the key benefits of patch management for businesses:

improved cybersecurity

 Patching vulnerabilities quickly and regularly is a significant factor in keeping your business safe from cyber threats. By making sure your systems are up to date with the appropriate security patches and updates, you make it much harder for attackers to infiltrate your network.

reduced downtime

Patch management aids in reducing the chances of getting hit by a virus or malware that could cause system outages and disruption to your business.

reduced costs

Reducing the need for expensive technical support services for IT repair and remediation after a cyber breach is one reason that business leaders choose to be proactive in patch management.

increased efficiency

Computers are generally most efficient when the latest updates and patches are installed. Helping you keep your employees productive and efficient in their day-to-day work is one reason we offer Patch Management Services.

Patching and updates are tedious and take an enormous amount of time. Not every business has the internal resources to dedicate to these essential tasks. Let us help you keep your systems up to date and running effectively.

are you backing up your computer?

Often when we are asking this question it is already too late to save the data if the person’s answer is “no”. For them, that means costly downtime and in some cases data that can never be recovered or recreated.

Businesses everywhere rely on continuous access to documents in the day-to-day running of their operations. While there’s always the potential that an employee may accidentally delete an important file and need a backup copy, that’s not the only reason backups are important.

Backups are critical for both your security and your business continuity strategy.

In the event of a ransomware attack, your backed-up files are your best option to get up and running again without paying the criminal for access to your own files.

Also, if you lose access to documents located on your office computers as a result of something like a power surge, storm activity, or human error, you can retrieve your backups and get back to work from any internet-connected computer.

Backing up your mission-critical documents in a consistent, automated, and verifiable way is your best protection against having to do (and pay for) the same work twice. Let us take care of document backup for you, so you can focus on running your business.

If cyber security issues are keeping you up at night, you’re right to be concerned. As you add more apps, devices, and connections, there is greater potential opportunity for cyber attackers to penetrate your network.

Fortunately, there’s a better way to secure your network that detects and blocks the latest threats – even those that can slip through traditional antivirus solutions – Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).

Protect your business, employees, and customers with the Managed EDR solution that blocks threats and gets smarter every single day with artificial intelligence. Get a solution that is proven effective against ransomware. Managed EDR allows you to roll back ransomware-infected devices to their pre-infection state, saving you from the challenge of negotiating with cyber attackers, paying ransoms, and worrying if your data will be restored.

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