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PC Paramedics has fixed my computer on multiple occasions when we've had virus or other issues that have disabled our computer. The service is fast and friendly and I recommend them to all my family and friends.
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Ryan Antes
Satisfied Customer
I had a wonderful experience with Digicom Consulting today! They were able to do a remote login and save my computer from a nasty virus within minutes of calling him. I will be sure to recommend Digicom Consulting to all my friends in and around Evansville, IN. It's difficult to build trust with service companies but that is what I got with this service and I am forever grateful and will be contacting them for any future computer issues! Thank you Digicom!
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Krista Lindsey
Satisfied Customer
Digicom offers the best service, period. Beats any place by far. You won't be sorry if you use their service, you will be glad you did. And you will never go to anyone else for all your computer issues.
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Roxie Huffman
Satisfied Customer
The nicest folks that know the most !!
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Gary Ritter
Satisfied Customer
Always excellent support.
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John Hodge
Satisfied Customer
I recommend Digicom's PC Paramedics to all of my friends and family and you should use them too. Their friendly staff diagnosed my computer problem and explained it to me without using a lot of computer jargon, then fixed it right the first time.
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Nathan Davis
Satisfied Customer
I had several friends recommend Digicom Consulting recently when I complained about a problem with our home computer. What a fantastic experience! It's not often that services or companies live up to others recommendations. I was also SO happy to be able to communicate with them to describe the intermittent issue we were having. In the past I have found that most electronic repair companies speak in a foreign "tech" language & have become frustrated when I feel they're almost talking down to me. He understood my complaints & after a few short steps was working on my system. So awesome not to have to lug the computer into a repair shop, or wait for a service person to come to my home on their schedule. Excellent service! I will & already have recommended Digicom Consulting to my friends & coworkers!
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Tracey Merrick
Satisfied Customer
Well, what a harrowing 48 hours I've had. Thursday night after finishing a report and shutting down for the night, my hard drive crashed! NOT what anybody needs, especially when they are behind. Well thanks to Gary at Digicom I am up and running again today. Gary was able to install a new hard drive for me and I didn't lose any data!! If you need pc repair, Digicom is the place to go!
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Ryan Farmer
Satisfied Customer
I love the Digicom people that help me with anything that I might have a problem with. Thank you again!!
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Barb Roethemeier
Satisfied Customer
I have been using Digicom for 7-8 years and have been more than satisfied with their high level of service. I have sent friends, family, and clients to Digicom without any reservations. Their level of knowledge, willingness to help, and more than reasonable rates makes them my go to company when my computer needs looked at.
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Brian Garrett
Satisfied Customer
Gary and his company Digicom are excellent to work with. I had some major computer issues and he fixed all of them all without the my even taking my desktop to him. His valued my time and completed the work quickly. His price was very fair and made recommendation to me so that I would not have the same issue down the road. I would recommend Digicom and Gary Barr to anyone who had any issues with there personal or business computer.
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Erica Deters
Satisfied Customer
Other repair store said all was lost on my external hide drive. With years of pictures at stake I happened to be pleasantly surprised and gratefully relieved when Digicom recovered all my data! Now I can treasure all of my pictures.
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Kathy Stevens
Satisfied Customer
Digicom is our go to business for all of our computer needs!
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Joe Gratz
Satisfied Customer
I had a virus, that was locking up my computer.(hijacked) I called this company and they fixed it over the phone. They can even remotely access and do it for you, if your not a computer whiz. I was back up and running without unhooking, and taking my computer to the shop. I highly recommend Digicom PC Paramedics.
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Scott Winstead
Satisfied Customer
If you need any computer services this is the one!! Very good customer service and very timely turn around time on repairs!
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Lavender Williams
Satisfied Customer
I appreciate your services. I really don't know that much about how to fix what I mess up. You are very professional, fast and efficient, and affordable. Thank You!
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Judy S.
Satisfied Customer
We called Digicom in a crisis as a new customer, and they immediately went to work to solve all of our problems. They were friendly, knowledgeable, and very thorough. We will call on them again, and highly recommend them to all.
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Susan Washburn
Satisfied Customer
I appreciate so much that the customer service reps are very patient with me . I'm not as experienced as most, on the computer. Thanks to all of the customer service reps!
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Linda Q.
Satisfied Customer

Nationwide Remote Repair

Are you having issues with your computer? We know your time is valuable. Why unhook your computer and drive somewhere or wait for tech support to get to you on their schedule? 

RescueMyPC is here to help when you need it! With our innovative Remote Login, we are able to troubleshoot and repair problems nationwide (from the comfort of your own home)! We can cleanup your computer. We can even install new software, and train you on how to use it. And we can do it all without you having to leave your home or office. Click here to connect to us in a matter of minutes.

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Please call us at 812-437-2911 or click the button below to get connected to us on Rescue today.

Onsite Computer Repair

Find out why your neighbors throughout the Evansville Area have trusted Digicom for over 40 years!

Our On-Site Coverage Areas

  • Vanderburgh & Posey County
  • Extended coverage in Warrick and Henderson County

Home & Business Services

  • Laptop and Desktop Repair
  • Computer Tune-Up
  • Virus & Malware Removal
  • SSD Upgrades
  • Wireless Network and Setup
  • Lost Data Recovery
  • Software Repair
  • Server Setup and Support
  • Backup Services
  • Configurations for Router & Firewall
  • Outsourced Information Technology Support
  • Repairs on Windows, Mac** and Linux PC’s

Please call us at 812-437-2911 or submit a support ticket today for all of your computer repair needs.

Virus/Malware Removal

Do you have a slow computer? Is your Internet lagging? Are you seeing unusual pop-ups? 

You could be dealing with Viruses , Spyware/Spybots, WormsTrojans, or Adware .

Digicom’s PC Paramedics are experts in this field and are ready to help you solve your problems!  Most the time, we can repair your computer right over the Internet with our RescueMyPC connection.  However, if your problem is blocking access to the Internet, our Paramedics can come to you and solve your problems! 

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Please call us at 812-437-2911 or submit a support ticket today for all of your computer clean up needs.


Not sure if your slow internet is the fault of the cable company, your computer, or your network equipment?

Not getting good wifi in every room of your home or office?

Need help updating your network and knowing what equipment to buy?

Since 1983, Digicom has been at the forefront of bringing new online services to Evansville. If it has to do with getting you online or improving the service that you have we can help. Call us at 812-437-2911 for more information on making the most of your internet connection. Don’t have access to cabled Internet? Click here to learn more about what other options are available in your area.

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Please call us at 812-437-2911 or submit a support ticket today for all of your networking needs.

Backup & Data Recovery

Are you worried about your data?  The best time to worry is before you have a problem with your PC.  Digicom offers a wide range of data backup solutions going from home PCs to backup solutions for business-critical network data.  

But what happens when it’s too late?!?!  It’s time to call Digicom immediately.  We’ve saved data from failed computers, damaged computers, even computers that have been in structure fires.  There is nothing we love more than telling someone we saved their data.

In the rare occasion that we can’t save your data…You pay nothing for that attempt. 

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Please call us at 812-437-2911 or submit a support ticket today for all of your backup and data recovery needs.

Laptop Repairs

Our laptop repairs include LCD Screen Repair, Keyboard Replacement, DC Jack, Power Adapters, Hard Drive Replacement & Data Recovery.

We work on PCs (Windows, Mac**, Linux, Chrome)

**Digicom provides limited Mac repair services.

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Please call us at 812-437-2911 or submit a support ticket today for all of your laptop repair needs.

Just some of our Technicians' Certifications

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Network CE
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