Forensic Data Recovery

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In 1988, we took on our first emergency data recovery, when a fire destroyed a business and all their records.  We successfully saved their valuable business records needed for the recovery of their business.  Since those days, we’ve proudly helped out other business and homeowners when tragedy has struck.  Our business has been built by firefighters & law enforcement officers working together to do what we love, helping others when things go wrong. These days, we now offer Forensic Data Recovery with specialists that have courtroom experience, along with the latest methods of data recovery from a variety of digital devices.

In these situations, you want to go with experience! Call us at 812-437-2911 and let’s get to work!

Our Forensic Team:

Our forensic specialists have worked for over a decade in cybercrime, as well as working together on the FBI Cybercrime Task Force.  Their experience includes training by both private sector and federal agencies in Forensic Data Recovery, along with thousands of hours in advanced data recovery in practical use.  With extensive experience in courtroom testimony, they are both highly respected by law enforcement and business. Forensic services are offered for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, along with phones and other digital media.  For prospective clients, a full list of training and certifications are available by request.

Det. Kurt Pritchett (retired)
Det. Brad Evrard

Fire Salvage & Data Recovery

If you’ve had a fire Digicom is ready to help.  Our experience with data recovery from PC’s damaged by fire, makes us an obvious choice to call to care for your valuable information.  No matter if you just need to save your families photos, or if you need true forensic data recovery for investigations, you are at the right place.   Digicom also partners with Third Alarm Forensic Fire Services to offer Certified International Association of Arson Investigators for Independent Origin & Cause Investigations.

If you've had a fire, click here for an important tip!

If you have a computer that was in a fire, PLEASE, do not turn the computer on to check to see if it works! That one “test” can lose your data forever. The smoke’s very fine particulates get into every piece and the heat and water damage can cause the equipment to short out. Once that happens, there is nothing that can be done. Also, do not listen to people who say “put it in rice”. The fine particulates that are in rice get in the mechanically moving parts and put your data at much greater risk. If your data is truly valuable, better methods must be used to remove the moisture. So please, call us first! Even if you chose another company, we will give you free advice to make sure you better your chances of saving your data! Call us ASAP at 812-437-2911 or toll-free at 877-437-2911.

On June 30th, our home of 24 years caught fire. The home was a total loss. Besides the devastating loss of our personal items, our business was located within this home. All of our records were kept on our computers! The day after the fire, we were allowed to enter the home and salvage anything we could. We immediately located our computers including two desktops, one laptop and two external hard drives. Each had been exposed to excessive heat, smoke and corrosive fire-fighting chemicals. We could only wait and hope that the data could somehow be retrieved. Luckily for us, Gary Barr came to the fire scene and offered to work with our computers and retrieve our data if he could. Within a couple of days, Gary retrieved all of our data and dumped it onto a hard drive for us. That information was vital to our business and was irreplaceable. We can never thank Gary enough for his kindness and his amazing skills during this horrible time in our lives.
Rod and Patti Hicks