For warranty repair needs or the latest drivers, you can contact Asus directly at


or by visiting:

For all other needs, Digicom can solve your problems!

Since 1983, Digicom has been providing service on-line and repairing computers off-line.  These days, we’ve merged the worlds and provide computer support via the Internet.  95% of repairs can be made through our remote repair sessions.  For those 5% that can’t, we provide on-site service to get you up and running again.

Make sure to check out the full range of our PC Paramedics and RescueMyPC services!

Just some of the things we repair:

Slow PC’s, RootKit, Viruses, Malware, Ransomware, Removal and Prevention, Boot Issues, Forgotten Passwords, Computer Hijacks, Browser Hijacks, Blue Screen Errors, Registry Errors, Lockups, Freezes, Spontaneous Reboots, Memory Errors, Hardware Failures, Network Discovery Issues, and data recovery.

Model’s We Repair:

ASUS Laptop
ASUS Chromebook
ASUS Transformer
ASUS Zenbook
ASUS EeeBook
ASUS X Series
ASUS K Series
ASUS D Series
ASUS UX Series
ASUS G Series
ASUS E Series
ASUS B Series
ASUS P Series
ASUS S Series
ASUS V Series

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