Digicom has always been a leader in online technology and once again, we take a leap forward.  Have you ever had a problem and wished you had a computer tech at your office/home already?  Now, Digicom offers the next best thing, with our Rescue Lens technology.  Using the Rescue Lens app (available for both Android & iPhones), we can now remotely connect to you smartphone and utilizing the camera on your phone, we can see what you see immediately and help you solve that problem. 

Simply install our Rescue Lens app (by LogMeIn) and we will be ready when you need us.  Simply call us, we’ll give you a pin number to type in and then point your camera at what you are seeing.  Our techs will not only be able to see what you see, but will also be able to draw on your screen, so you can see what we want to point out.

Seriously, why would you schedule an appointment in the future that could be pricey, when Digicom can help with the problem in minutes?  Next time, let Digicom solve your problem!

Want to be ready for next time?  Go ahead and install Rescue Lens at these locations:

app  googleplay