Digicom is a short name made up from “Digital Communications”, thus a number of companies over the years have used variations of the name.  We (Digicom LLC of Evansville, Indiana, USA) do not have any affiliation with these other companies but wanted to help share their information in hopes you can find the right one for your needs.  If we find other variations of the name, we’ll be glad to add it to this list.

Title Description Location Website
Digi.Com Machine-to-machine and Internet of Things services Minnetonka, MN http://digi.com
Digicom PH Business communication systems Asia/North America http://digicom-ph.com
Digicom Technologies General technology management Multiple (Not-U.S.A) http://digicom-technologies.com
Digicom Internet Wireless internet Canada http://digicom.ca
Digicom Digicom Routers Italy http://digicom.it
Digicom Electronics Prototypes, PCB assemblies, and box-build systems Oakland, CA http://digicom.org
Digicom, Inc Wholesale alarm monitoring Florida http://digicom.us
Digicom Goa Computer education Goa http://digicomgoa.com
Digicom Group Digicom Motherboards ? http://digicomgroup.com
Digicom, Inc Business communication systems Winona, MN http://digicominc.com
Digicom Int. POS Stations, Peripherals, restaurant management software Farmingdale, NY http://digicomint.com
Digicom Learning Teacher resource N/A http://digicomlearning.com
Digicom Internation, Inc. CATV Products Englewood, CO http://digicomm.com
Digicom Printers, copying, and design Independence, OH http://digicomoh.com
Digicom Systems DigiCOM Systems, Security Systems, etc Milford, OH http://digicomsystems.com
Digicom Systems Workstations, network, hardware and software services Corpus Christi, TX http://digicomsystems.net
Digicom Global Public Safety Radios Michigan http://digicomglobal911.com/