Scam: Microsoft Defender Invoice

Scam Alert: Windows Defender Invoice If you have gotten a bill in your email for Windows Defender Advanced Threat protection you are not alone… and yes, it’s a scam.  This invoice will look in varying forms, but with the same idea of scaring you that you just purchased Windows Defender Advanced Threat protection for something […]

Your Facebook hasn’t been hacked, it’s been cloned!

Nothacked e1666224446164

Your Facebook hasn’t been hacked, it’s been cloned! (Updated 10/19/2022) FACEBOOK CLONING: WHY & HOW If you have used Facebook at all, you’ve probably had a friend request from someone you already were friends with.  That’s usually followed by the friend posting on their real account that they have been hacked and don’t accept that […]

Fake notifications about system security

reset notification scam letter

Most online services have a built-in security system that alerts you when it detects “unusual” activity on your account. For example, services send notifications about attempts to reset the phone number and e-mail address linked to the account, or the password. Of course, as soon as such messages became commonplace, enterprising cybercriminals tried to imitate […]

Windows 10 & 11: Things you should know.

Windows 10 & 11: Things you should know Digicom has been beta testing Windows 11 for quite a while now and while there were a few things we didn’t like, it’s not going to be a scary switch for those that feel at home with Windows 10.  As we mentioned in a previous article, they […]

Facebook Friend Needs Security Help

FBF Email is yours

Facebook friend needs your help to secure their account Have you had a friend say hello via Facebook Messenger and then after some pleasant exchange ask for your help in trying to reset their Facebook account or trying to secure it?  They simply need your help on getting a code from Facebook on YOUR phone […]

Windows 11: Things to come

When Microsoft released Windows 10, they made the claim it would be the last version of Windows.  However, time has changed their stance and Windows 11 is on target to be released on October 20th, 2021.  It’s not time to worry about that yet, and really, no reason to worry at all when it becomes […]

Facebook Phishing Videos

Video Phishing

Phishing via Facebook Messenger If you are on Facebook, you’ve probably gotten that message from a friend saying you are in a video, and to check it out with a link.  This video will show you what happens when you follow the link. For more information on 2-Factor Authentication on Facebook, visit their support […]

Banking Scam via Text Message


Banking Text Message Scam Scammers send text messages claiming your bank has locked your account. To regain access, you must login to verify yourself. Using a similar domain, they are able to fool people into going to a realistic website that looks like your bank. Do not fall for this and give our your information! […]

Digicom’s Domain Market

Digicom Domain Market

Digicom is proud to offer our new Domain Market. The market allows you to browse premium domains that are available for auction sale or set-price sales. For our clients who have a domain they would like to sell, they are able to put their domain up for sale through their Digicom Portal. Simple select “My […]

Ransom Email With Your Password


Ransom Email With Your Password An email is circulating that is causing concern for those who receive them.  The email’s subject line is your password you have used on a website, maybe lots or even all of them depending on your safety practices. Attention caught!  Next, it has your name as the sender…Hey, that’s my […]