Facebook Phishing Videos


Phishing via Facebook Messenger If you are on Facebook, you’ve probably gotten that message from a friend saying you are in a video, and to check it out with a link.  This video will show you what happens when you follow the link. https://youtu.be/6Ts0xshCgEQ For more information on 2-Factor Authentication on Facebook, visit their support […]

Why businesses need to back up

For almost any business, information is critical: documents, contacts, contracts, correspondence, accounts, and so on. Modern technologies help not only to manage business-critical data, but also to lose it in the blink of an eye. For most companies, losing access to data means the suspension of all business processes, inevitably leading to lost profit, damage […]

Banking Scam via Text Message


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ooak47X68RA Scammers send text messages claiming your bank has locked your account. To regain access, you must login to verify yourself. Using a similar domain, they are able to fool people into going to a realistic website that looks like your bank. Do not fall for this and give our your information! If you did […]

Digicom’s Domain Market


Digicom is proud to offer our new Domain Market. The market allows you to browse premium domains that are available for auction sale or set-price sales. For our clients who have a domain they would like to sell, they are able to put their domain up for sale through their Digicom Portal. Simple select “My […]

Your Facebook hasn’t been hacked, it’s been cloned!


Your Facebook hasn’t been hacked, it’s been cloned! If you have used Facebook at all, you’ve probably had a friend request from someone you already were friends with.  That’s usually followed by the friend posting on their real account that they have been hacked and don’t accept that 2nd friend request.  The truth is, they haven’t […]

Ransom Email With Your Password


Ransom Email With Your Password An email is circulating that is causing concern for those who receive them.  The email’s subject line is your password you have used on a website, maybe lots or even all of them depending on your safety practices. Attention caught!  Next, it has your name as the sender…Hey, that’s my […]

Windows Activation Bug in November 2018 Updates


Windows Activation Bug in November 2018 Updates In a November 2018 update to Windows 10, a little bug was found on some computers that made it act like your Windows wasn’t activated.  In some cases, even trying to get people to buy a license for their Windows 10.  This is simply a bug and our […]

Digicom acquires Rent A Web Guy


Digicom has acquired Rent A Web Guy and it’s hosting customers.  We look forward to continuing the hosting services and expanding the services to Digicom’s full offerings, meanwhile at the same prices!   Also, nothing will change in the way you have logged in and accessed your sites, it’ll just have more options!  We are honored […]

Digicom BBS Online for 35 Years Celebration!


Digicom BBS Online for 35 Years Celebration! To celebrate Digicom’s 35th year of providing online services, we wanted to tip our caps to our beginning in 1983 with bringing back the Digicom BBS that got it all started.  We’ve even included a time machine option, so you can see what the speeds were like in […]

Other Digicom’s

Digicom is a short name made up from “Digital Communications”, thus a number of companies over the years have used variations of the name.  We (Digicom LLC of Evansville, Indiana, USA) do not have any affiliation with these other companies but wanted to help share their information in hopes you can find the right one […]