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Currently, our online mobile support is only for ANDROID devices. We will have iOS mobile support in the future.

Digicom now offers remote support for Android mobile devices! 

Give us a call to get started at 812-437-2911 (in Evansville area) or Nationwide at 877-437-2911. There is no risk. If we cannot repair your problem via Remote Access, there is no charge for the service.

Unable to connect to us online due to an internet connection issue? We can help with that too.

If you have an issue that cannot be repaired remotely, please contact us at 812-437-2911 or start a support ticket to setup an appointment with us.

Step 1:

Visit HERE. Click Install.

Screenshot 20221213 184258 Google Play Store

Step 2:

Click Open.

Screenshot 20221213 184317 Google Play Store

Step 3:

Click Allow.

Screenshot 20221213 184323 Permission controller

Step 4:

Click Agree and Continue.

Screenshot 20221213 184331 QuickSupport

Step 5:

Flip right 3 times and click DONE.

Screenshot 20221213 184346 QuickSupport

Step 6:

Click Agree.

Screenshot 20221213 184353 KLMS Agent

Step 7:

Click Settings.

image 1

Step 8:

Select QuickSupport(Turn on)

Screenshot 20221213 184430 Settings

Step 9:

Give the “Your ID” to the Digicom Technician to begin remote support.

image 2

Step 10:

When the Digicom technician tries to connect, you will need to ALLOW them access.

image 3

Step 11:

Click Start Now.

Screenshot 20221213 184503 Permission controller

Step 12:


The Digicom technician should now be able to see/control your device and will work with you on the problem you are experiencing.