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Digicom Intern Program

Digicom Internet Program

Digicom Intern Program accepts applications from seniors in high school through college level.

Who is Digicom:

Digicom is an IT & Web Hosting/Design company that got it’s start in 1983 as the Digicom BBS (pre-dates modern Internet).  We are a company that has clients around the country, where we do remote monitoring for firms & web clients, along with local services for home & small business users.  We have also have many non-profits that we maintain their technology along with donating efforts to help them.  Therefore, we are looking for like minded people who love to help their community.

What does the Intern Program offer you:

  • Develop your technological skills & client handling skills.
  • Close to USI campus.
  • Fun atmosphere that will be challenging and rewarding.
  • Excellent job experience to enhance your resume.
  • Flexible times and schedules to work around classes.

What we are looking for in the Intern Program:

  • Tech-savvy people that are good at taking on projects to their completion and take pride in it’s quality.
  • Innovative thinkers who can help us keep growing with fresh ideas.
  • Want to advance their skills and grow in the technical field via degree and/or certifications.
  • Have passion for technology & being a creative thinker.
  • Good communications skills to effectively work with a team and clients directly.

Internships will work in these areas:

  • IT Services (i.e. networking, troubleshooting, installation, & training)
  • Web Design (i.e. graphic design, WordPress maintenance, server & DNS work)
  • Cellular Internet Services (i.e. signal evaluation, equipment testing, & installation services)

Past Digicom Intern Program graduates:

  • Past Interns of Digicom have went on to do work for large computer companies, military contracting, video production, healthcare support services, aerospace, electrical engineering and many other top notch jobs.
  • Gained employment with Digicom and went on to have long careers with our company.


Above all,  Digicom prioritizes your education and for your success in classes.  Our Intern Program pushes for not only your success with us but in school also.  Schedules are flexible and allow for changes that accommodate class demands.  For questions on the Intern Program, please contact us here.