Scam: Microsoft Defender Invoice

Scam Alert: Windows Defender Invoice If you have gotten a bill in your email for Windows Defender Advanced Threat protection you are not alone… and yes, it’s a scam.  This invoice will look in varying forms, but with the same idea of scaring you that you just purchased Windows Defender Advanced Threat protection for something […]

Wells Fargo phishing e-mails | Kaspersky official blog

wells fargo phishing identity theft screen 1

Scammers often pose as well-known companies: online movie theaters, job hunting services, internet stores and so on. This time, phishers are targeting customers of Wells Fargo, one of the four largest US banks, providing services in more than 40 countries. Counting on the bank’s trustworthiness, the cybercriminals are not limiting themselves to stealing bank card […]

Fake notifications about system security

reset notification scam letter

Most online services have a built-in security system that alerts you when it detects “unusual” activity on your account. For example, services send notifications about attempts to reset the phone number and e-mail address linked to the account, or the password. Of course, as soon as such messages became commonplace, enterprising cybercriminals tried to imitate […]

Facebook Friend Needs Security Help

FBF Email is yours

Facebook friend needs your help to secure their account Have you had a friend say hello via Facebook Messenger and then after some pleasant exchange ask for your help in trying to reset their Facebook account or trying to secure it?  They simply need your help on getting a code from Facebook on YOUR phone […]