Digicom’s Intern Program

Digicom Internet Program

High School and College Internships Available For over 20 years, Digicom has helped high school and college students with our Intern program.  Interns will experience real world situations, while getting training on jobs they are looking to go after.  We are always excited about helping people get into the world of technology and gladly share […]

Wells Fargo phishing e-mails | Kaspersky official blog

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Scammers often pose as well-known companies: online movie theaters, job hunting services, internet stores and so on. This time, phishers are targeting customers of Wells Fargo, one of the four largest US banks, providing services in more than 40 countries. Counting on the bank’s trustworthiness, the cybercriminals are not limiting themselves to stealing bank card […]

Common spear-phishing tricks | Kaspersky official blog

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Virtually every employee of a large company comes across the occasional e-mail aiming to steal their corporate credentials. It’s usually in the form of mass phishing, an attack in which e-mails are sent out at random in the hope that at least some recipients will take the bait. However, the stream of phishing e-mails may […]

Digicom acquires Fastsurf, iCountry and MagicOhio

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Public News Release:   Digicom LLC has acquired the holdings of Fastsurf LLC, which includes it’s brands of iCountry and MagicOhio, along with its DSL holdings of Fastermac and OWC.  At this time, their customers that spanned 42 states, have been brought on board with Digicom.  For those customers, the way you have used the services, […]

News14: The Data Inside

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If you missed it, Digicom’s Cyber Crime Consultant, Matt Hill, was in the news again.  Play the News Story at 14 WFIE

Digicom acquires GNA Net of Milwaukee, WI

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Digicom acquires GNA Net of Milwaukee, WI. Welcome to Digicom!

Digicom acquires 2-Techs of Maroa, IL

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Digicom has acquired the clients of 2-Tech’s of Maroa, IL.  All customers services have been connected to our servers and now share in the increased amount of services.