For billing or other related issues, you can contact gotW3 directly at


or by emailing:

For all other needs, Digicom can solve your problems!

Digicom is a reseller for GotW3, however, we take a more active role in support than most resellers.  We are glad to support our clients with hardware issues and service issues, however,  we can not assist in billing issues.  If you aren’t currently a GotW3 customer through Digicom and you would like to switch to us to gain our advanced support, please start a ticket and we’ll be glad to go over your options on joining the Digicom family.

If you are not a customer through Digicom, you will need to contact GotW3 directly, or you can purchase support time with Digicom technicians.

You can also refer to the gotW3 FAQ,  Knowledgebase, or gotW3 Outages.