Digicom can provide the training your staff needs to succeed.

Most security problems come from untrained staff that is unaware of all the latest dangers in business.  Our security trainers will customize a training session for the needs of your company.  Be it one of our “Lunch & Learn” sessions for 30-minutes to an hour, or a longer session, we would like to train your staff to keep you safe from the hackers and scam artists trying to damage your business.



Your employees are your company’s first line of defense against cybercrimes that can shut your business down. Make sure that they know what to look for and what to do in the case of a threat. Digicom’s cybersecurity trainers are professional law enforcement officers with extensive experience and certifications in identifying and combating cyber threats.

HIPAA Compliance

Are you sure your office is HIPAA compliant? Don’t wait for an inspection to find out! Training your staff on compliance is much more affordable than a state or federal fine. Digicom’s trainers can perform an audit of your office and educate your staff on any areas that need improvement.

Computer Skills

Do you or your employees need to brush up on computer skills? Have some new software that you need everyone up to speed on? Digicom can help. Our trainers can customize lessons to meet your employee’s skill level and needs. 
Whether you’re interested in on-going classes or a one-time lunch-and-learn, Digicom can tailor a learning program to meet your needs and your budget.