Digicom Training and Education Classes

Your employees know your business. But do they know what it takes to protect your business online? Or how to use that new software? If not, we can help! Let us customize a staff training to meet your needs.

Computer Skills

Do your employees need to brush up on their computer skills? Have some new software that you need everyone up to speed on? We can customize lessons to meet your employee’s skill level and needs.


Your employees are your company’s first line of defense against cybercrime. Make sure that they know what to look for and what to do in case of a threat.

HIPAA Compliance

Are you sure your office is HIPAA compliant? Don’t wait for an inspection to find out! Training your staff on compliance is more affordable than a fine. We can perform an audit of your office and educate your staff on any areas that need improvement.

Feature Free Cybersecurity Awareness TrainingBreach Prevention PlatformHIPAA Compliance ProgramHIPAA Breach Prevention Platform
Who is this service for?

This service is for anyone that is looking for basic cybersecurity training for individuals or employees wanting to test out the product before choosing a higher platform.

This service is for businesses that want to receive continual training to protect their business and it's employees.This service is for medical staff that is looking to receive the baseline needs of HIPAA compliance.This service is for medical staff that wants to receive continual training to maintain HIPAA compliance.
Service DescriptionFree annual cybersecurity awareness trainingMost comprehensive & continuous cybersecurity solution starting at $50/monthStandalone HIPAA service with core compliance requirements starting at $90/month

Most comprehensive HIPAA compliance cybersecurity solution starting at $140/month

Annual Training CourseCybersecurity CourseCybersecurity CourseHIPAA Privacy & Security CourseHIPAA Privacy & Security Course
Continuous Dark Web Monitoring-Included-Included
Weekly Micro Training Video-Included-Included
Simulated Phishing (Automated and Ongoing)-Included-Included
Catch Phish (Email Analysis Tool)-Included-Included
Personal Dark Web Email Scans-Included-Included
Employee Vulnerability Assessment-Included-Included
Security Risk Assessment-IncludedHIPAA Risk AssessmentHIPAA Risk Assessment
Policies & Procedures-IncludedIncludedIncluded

Ongoing classes or a one-time lunch-and-learn, Digicom can tailor a learning program to meet your needs.

In the Evansville area call 812-437-2911 or click here to schedule your training.