Security & Loss Prevention Consulting

For over 25 years, Digicom has worked with law enforcement agencies to keep on top of hacker attacks and scams that would impact our customers.  Our security consultant has over 28 years in law enforcement under his belt and has worked with numerous groups worldwide in computer security issues.

  • Phishing Attacks
  • Identity Theft
  • Computer Tampering
  • Forensic Data Recovery
  • Hacker Attacks
  • Loss Prevention Techniques
  • Wireless Security

Protecting your from hackers is our business!

No matter what your security concerns are, be it for your home or business, Digicom can assist you.   Our cooperative efforts reach out through a world of resources, so if we don’t have the answer for you, we will get you in touch with the people who do.   In this ever evolving world of cybercrime, be very leery of any consultant who tells you they are on top of every issue, because it just isn’t possible.   That is why we work so hard to keep in contact with security specialists working in the field, worldwide