Digicom Programming Services

Programming for YOUR business

Are you and your employees spending too much time on everyday tasks? Let Digicom create custom software to improve your business’s workflow.

Examples of work that programming can do:

  • Interpret data from databases (such as excel sheets)
  • Organize data within databases
  • Automate repetitive tasks, such as making schedules or creating reports

Software Development Life Cycle

Planning Phase

The entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) begins by finding a problem and suggesting a solution to the problem. We call this proposed solution a System Request. These System Requests can either be worked on immediately, or placed in a Project Portfolio for later consideration. After a System Request has been selected, a Feasibility Report will be created, evaluating the economic, technical, and organizational feasibility of the project. If the feasibility of the project looks good, we move onto the analysis phase.

Analysis Phase

During the analysis phase, we use techniques, such as interviews or surveys, to gather all the requirements the software needs to fulfill. Once we have gathered enough information to design a solution to the problem outlined in the System Request, you will be presented with said system in a System Proposal, a formal outline of the problems our project will solve.

Design and Implementation Phases

During these phases, the technical solution for the project is planned and its details are outlined. The solution is then coded and thoroughly tested before being given back to the client for production use.

The purpose of this four-step approach is to create a software solution that will pay for itself within the project’s lifespan. Most projects will pay for themselves within five years of use. Stop wasting your time on automatable tasks. Contact Digicom to get started today.

Tools We Use:

C++, C#, Java, Python, VB

PHP, Javascript


Technical Expertise:

Desktop Applications

Business Software

(in the future) iOS, Android Mobile Apps