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Proactive PC Health Protection

Most often, you don’t know there is a problem with your computer until it stops performing the way it should. By that time it may be too late to save your computer or even your data. Wouldn’t it be great to know ahead of time that something is about to go wrong? We think so which is why we recommend a PC Health Protection Plan!

PC Health Protection plans allow us to see what’s happening inside your computer with these services:

Managed Antivirus – finds and eliminates malware and viruses before you know they are there

Hardware Status Checks – allows us to see signs of hardware failure before they become an issue

24/7 Advanced Monitoring – alerts us to any issue that arises day or night

File Backup – protects your essentials in case a failure should occur (supported file types)

Patch Management – keeps your computer secure by ensuring that security patches are in place

Basic Routine Maintenance – we take care of it so you don’t have to

We offer several different packages so that you can choose the Health Protection plan that works best for you. It can even be installed remotely, so we can get you started today! So if you are ready to stop guessing about the health of your PC give Digicom a call at 812-437-2911

Managed Antivirus ONLY

Per Device
$ 4
Per Month
  • $2.00 Per Month for each additional device

  • 1 Device = $48/Year

    2 Devices = $72/Year

    3 Devices = $96/Year

Managed Antivirus and 24/7 Monitoring

Per Device
$ 10
Per Month

  • $10.00 Per Month for each additional device
  • 1 Device= $120/Year

    2 Devices = $240/Year

    3 Devices = $360/Year