Most of us know we should have complex, original passwords for all of our online accounts. With online banking, shopping, personal, and work-related accounts that could mean having dozens of different passwords. So most of us keep reusing the same few passwords that we know we can remember but put our sensitive data at risk. LastPass is the solution to keeping your data safe and the only password you have to remember is the one for your LasPass vault. All other passwords are kept in that vault under encryption so that remain safe. 

For businesses, LastPass provides an extra layer of security. 80% of data breaches can be traced to weak, reused, and stolen credentials. LastPass allows employees to create and manage unique, complex passwords. It even allows them to share those passwords within the business without exposing them the way passing password by email, chat, or on paper can. LastPass also gives employers centralized control of passwords and easy user management helping your business be productive and secure.