gotW3 is the best Internet option when cable options are not available or under-performing.

Why gotW3?

Lightning Fast Speeds

This isn’t a hotspot. It’s a router with direct ethernet connection and WiFi to power your business or home network.  Available Nationwide with download speeds up to 70 Mbps.


No Contracts/
No Credit Checks

Most Internet service providers make you sign a 2-3 year agreement and run your credit. We have NO Contracts and NO Credit Checks. Cancel at ANY time.


No Data Limits/Throttling

Most service providers will cap your data usage at 10GB, 25GB or more. Your speeds begin to decrease and over charges begin to occur. With gotW3 there are NO Data Limits and NO Throttling.

Step 1: Choose Your Plan

URBAN PLAN ($79.99/Month)

If you live in a populated area, an apartment building or need a mobile solution for city life, the Urban Plan will often exceed your expectations!

* Includes network SIM card.

RURAL PLAN ($99.99/Month)

For those of you who live in rural areas, travel often or find that the urban plan just won’t cut it, the Rural Plan covers more of the nation with more towers than any other plan!

* Includes network SIM card.

Your gotW3 plan is chosen depending on the tower strengths in the area.  We are able to estimate the signal strength at your location to determine which plan is best for you!

Simply fill out this FREE EVALUATION FORM, talk to us on our chat, or call us at (812)437-2911 or Toll-Free at (877)437-2911, and we’ll be glad to check your signal quality for you!

Step 2: Choose your Router

With gotW3, all you need to get online is one of our routers, an active SIM Card (included with your Internet package), and power! Plug it in, and you’re good to go. It’s as simple as that.


LTE520 Office Router – $240
Temporarily Out of Stock

The LTE520 is an office router that will work with both plans and is an upgrade to the standard router.

While the LTE520 cannot be powered by USB, it has a slightly stronger inside WiFi signal with its paddle antennas.  It is also better suited for use with security systems and cameras for dedicated data usage.  It includes (4) RJ-45 LAN ports and (1) RJ-45 WAN port.

The biggest feature of this unit is it can be used as a fail-over service with cable Internet.  If being online is crucial, this unit will use your cable Internet…but when it fails, gotW3 takes over to keep providing uninterrupted Internet service.



Something else that sets our Internet apart is the data. GotW3 runs off of cellular data. The data plan is truly UNLIMITED. Other service providers cap your “unlimited” plan and slow everything down after a certain amount of usage. We can guarantee you FULL SPEED, FULL TIME… for NO EXTRA COST!

Questions? Call us at (812)437-2911 or Toll Free at (877)437-2911.


Active gotW3 Customer?

Earn a $15 referral fee credited to your account when you refer a new customer that signs up!

The Boosters

Most people don’t need to use a booster, but for those who struggle for signal, these options are available.

Passive Booster – $150


Our Outdoor Wideband Directional Antenna can be used in those remote areas that have poor tower coverage and reception. Now includes 25′ coax cable, adapter and mounting pole.

Active Booster – $270

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In locations where signals are weak due to distance, terrain features, or building materials like concrete and steel, the Signal 4G provides a strong, powered, reliable signal.

Product Overview

Check out this video on how easy it is to setup a GotW3 Router and get online!

Questions? Call us at (812)437-2911 or Toll Free at (877)437-2911.