Updates on GotW3 Urban Outages

Update as of 9/24/2020 @ 2:30 PM
While 98% of customers were restored to operations, that left a small few customers with issues still.  GotW3 is working to replace the simcards for those units to get them back online.  We are only aware of 2 customers that had issues, so if you don’t have an open ticket with us and are having a problem, please start a ticket so we can advocate on your behalf with GotW3 for this sim swap.  

Otherwise, at this point, the service has returned to normal and we are seeing the UPGRADE we were expecting with the addition of the 85,000 new towers.  Some locations are even seeing doubling of speeds since the new towers went online, but again, location in relation to the tower is key to speeds obtainable.  

Update as of 9/17/2020 @ 11:40 AM
We are getting lots of reports of service coming back up from the Urban Carrier, however, GotW3 has not heard from them on the restoration.  So while this is looking good, I don’t want to get too excited until we know their resolution method, so we don’t worry about this happening again.  PLEASE report to us though if you service is back, or if you are still out after you try the 20-minute power-off.  We are hoping this is a sign that we can stop worrying about outage, and start focusing on gaining 85,000 new towers which will ultimately provide a much better nationwide product.


Update as of 9/16/2020 @ 4:25 PM
The Urban tower carrier is still reporting to GotW3, “We are aware of the issue and we are working to identify and address it as quick as possible.  We will update you as soon as we know more.”  So we know frustration is growing for customers affected, because it’s sure growing for us and for GotW3 staff that can only rely on the carrier to do their part to deliver reliable internet across the country.  

For those wanting to switch to the Rural Plan, typical orders have been 5-7 days until activation, however GotW3 is working closely and quickly with the Rural plan tower carrier to expedite the activations.  They are hoping to have activations caught up and new ones being activated within hours by this weekend. 

As of 9/15/2020 @ 7:30 PM:

We just had an extended meeting with GotW3 on the issues a percentage of customers on the Urban Plan are experiencing.  So we wanted to update the entire page with what we know as of now and the options.  This outage is not only affecting GotW3, but the main tower carriers customers and all the other 3rd Party customers that ride on their networks.  Even though GotW3 is caught in the middle, they are fully committed to making things right, the best they can.  They have been in constant contact with the Urban Tower Carrier, along with working on other options to speed up activations for those who want to change to the Rural Tower Plan. 

PLEASE continue to power down your modem for 20-minutes and then plug it back in.  This is the only way we can assure the tower is pulling the latest data on the account, in hopes it pulls the carriers repaired data.  If this works, PLEASE let us know also.  Getting restoration data is just as important to monitoring this issue as us notifying them of the account issues.  If you haven’t reported your service issues already, please open a ticket with our ticket portal.

Why is this happening?
GotW3 service utilizes nationwide carrier networks to reach all the locations across the country.  At this time, the Urban Tower provider is adding in 85,000 new towers that they acquired through a buy-out.  While this should have been a great thing in almost doubling the size of the tower coverage, the merging of the systems has caused outages for a percentage of customers that utilize that network. Not all are affected, but those that are have seen different issues.  Some see reduced speeds, some have issues with videos and some only get .1-Mbps downloads.  This outage is not only affecting GotW3 services, but many customers on that carrier’s network and other 3rd party networks that also utilize those towers.  Anytime there is an issue with a necessary service such as Internet, it’s always easy to feel like nobody is working on it and nobody cares.  But I promise you, not only does GotW3 care, but the Urban Tower carrier is very aware of how this is affecting people’s lives and are working on this issue non-stop. 

When will this be fixed?
GotW3 is in constant contact with the tower carrier asking that same question.  If the tower carrier gives any ETA, it will be shared here.  

Will I get money back for the outage?
While GotW3 is trying to put all efforts into the restoration of service, they will be working with customers once it is over for proper compensation.

What Other Options Do I Have?

  • Option 1:  For those that are fighting the outage still, GotW3 is offering an additional option to service recovery for those who can also get Rural Tower service at their location.   (However, due to already high COVID related demand issues, activations are taking up to 5-7 days.)

  • Option 2:  For those that don’t want to switch to the Rural plan, or can’t because there is no Rural coverage, you can cancel your service and then restart once the issues are fixed with the merging of the towers.  GotW3 will still honor the grandfathered prices to those that took the “temporary break” from service, due to this issue.  To cancel service, visit https://www.gotw3.com/cancellations
  • Grandfathered Price will be honored! If you choose the switch to the Rural plan, you will get the grandfathered price for Rural service of $109.99 when it renews.  (No upcharge for switching for the remainder of your current plan period.)  Then if you choose to switch back once the service is back to reliable, they will also honor the grandfathered price of $89.99/month when you switch back to the Urban plan.  And again, they will honor the grandfathered price even if you choose to cancel for now and rejoin once it’s repaired.
How do I switch to the Rural Plan?
If you want to change to this service, please contact us via the ticket system or call us at 812-437-2911.  This process does have to be done manually and we can assist in making that happen.  It would also take getting you a different sim card for your device once the new service is activated.  (However, due to already high COVID related demand issues, activations are taking up to 5-7 days.)

GotW3 Support Issues:
For those who wish to contact GotW3 directly, you can call their support at 833-484-6893. Just know, GotW3 is very overwhelmed with working non-stop with the backbone carrier to get this fully resolved as quickly as possible.  While we are just a reseller for GotW3, we want to take an active role in getting the latest information out to prevent frustrations on long delays to reach their support.  We promise, as soon as we get new information, we will post it on this page for you.