Digital Video Repair

In the past, if digital videos were corrupted, they were just lost. Digicom has changed that and we have had successful repairs of MOV, MP4, 3GP and M4V video files.

  • Repair movies not finalized by the camera
  • Repair videos that are truncated, corrupted or damaged

While a damaged video missing parts can’t be 100% reassembled, most of the time we are able to put the pieces back together and recover a majority of valuable video data.

Success Stories

“Digicom was able to save 1.2 GB out of 2 GB of irreplaceable newborn videos. That’s the sort of thing that you just don’t want to lose. Digicom did the impossible.”

To get started with your video repair, submit a support ticket. Please attach the digital video to the ticket that you wish to be repaired.