Data Recovery Specialists

There is no worse feeling than realizing your only copy of a picture or document, has disappeared. However, don’t fear, Digicom’s PC Paramedics can help! Be it a hard drive, CD/DVD, flash media, cell phone or even old floppy disks, we have a recovery system that has saved data from the worst of conditions. Here are just some of the situations we have saved clients’ data from:

Failed hard drives

deleted data

repartitioned or formatted drives

mysterious blank flash media

drives damaged in structure fires

media that went into the ocean

Windows, Mac & Linux formats

Our recovery rate is well above industry standard… So challenge us and let’s save that data!

If we diagnose that the problem is an internal mechanical failure, we have teamed with DriveSavers to offer clean room repairs.  Anytime you need to use a Certified ISO Class 5 Cleanroom environment, the price does go up a little.  However, we have negotiated lower pricing than you can get from them directly.

For both in-office or clean room recovery, the evaluation for the required method of recovery and price quote is free.