Cellular Internet

While locations with cable Internet will be a cheaper option, cellular Internet brings high-speed Internet to those locations that do not have a cable option.  It also is a portable solution that allows you to use it from multiple locations, including camping sites.  While cellular service can have speeds of up to 80-Mbps, the actual speeds can vary dramatically.   At Digicom, while we can’t certify a speed (because it constantly changes with usage demand), we do verify your distance from the tower along with mapping out the terrain between you and the tower, which can block your signal and slow your connection. We do this free evaluation, because we want to do our best to set realistic expectations of the service you will get.  Digicom is focused on helping you solve a problem, not selling devices that may not solve your problem!

The Cellular Service We Offer:

Our Rural Internet

Our Rural Internet provides three different cellular Internet plans. What plan you get is based on the strength of signal blahblah blah blah blah.
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How does Cellular Internet work?

Cellular Internet Service Evaluation

To help us evaluate cellular signal, if you've had experience with these carriers, tell us how it's performed at your location.