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These days, it’s almost impossible to avoid being involved in a data breach.  The biggest thing you can do is stay proactive on changing your passwords often and using 2-Factor Authentication where you can. (Where they verify you not only by password, but on visiting for the first time with a new device, you must also enter in a code that is sent to your cell phone.)  We have provided these tools so you can stay up on your email or password being in a breach.  If you find it listed here, you will want to immediately change your password to keep your accounts safe.  Of course, if you have any concerns, Digicom is here to help.

Data Breach Email Testing Tools

Test your email account to see if they have been in a known data breach.  If your email is found, you will run a higher risk of attack.  If your email shows up from a data breach, you will want to visit those sites and change your password and turn on 2-Factor Authentication to protect your security.

Email to test:

Password Breach Testing Tools

Test a password to see if it has been in a known data breach. Even if a password was listed in a data breach and was associated with someone else’s account, it will still be used in hacking attempts against all accounts. If the tested password was in a data breach, we strongly recommend changing it immediately on any accounts that use that password.

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Your password has been involved in the following number of breaches:
RSS Latest Data Breach News
  • Facepunch - 342,913 breached accounts October 17, 2018
    In June 2016, the game development studio Facepunch suffered a data breach that exposed 343k users. The breached data included usernames, email and IP addresses, dates of birth and salted MD5 password hashes. Facepunch advised they were aware of the incident and had notified people at the time. The data was provided to HIBP by […]
  • Apollo - 125,929,660 breached accounts October 5, 2018
    In July 2018, the sales engagement startup Apollo left a database containing billions of data points publicly exposed without a password. The data was discovered by security researcher Vinny Troia who subsequently sent a subset of the data containing 126 million unique email addresses to Have I Been Pwned. The data left exposed by Apollo […]
  • Digimon - 7,687,679 breached accounts September 28, 2018
    In September 2016, over 16GB of logs from a service indicated to be were obtained, most likely from an unprotected Mongo DB instance. The service ceased running shortly afterwards and no information remains about the precise nature of it. Based on enquiries made via Twitter, it appears to have been a mail service possibly […]
  • SaverSpy - 2,457,420 breached accounts September 25, 2018
    In September 2018, security researcher Bob Diachenko discovered a massive collection of personal details exposed in an unprotected Mongo DB instance. The data appears to have been used in marketing campaigns (possibly for spam purposes) but had little identifying data about it other than a description of "Yahoo_090618_ SaverSpy". The data set provided to HIBP […]
  • Real Estate Mogul - 307,768 breached accounts September 24, 2018
    In September 2016, the real estate investment site Real Estate Mogul had a Mongo DB instance compromised and 5GB of data downloaded by an unauthorised party. The data contained real estate listings including addresses and the names, phone numbers and 308k unique email addresses of the sellers. Real Estate Mogul was advised of the incident […]

Our thanks to Troy Hunt ( for his hard work to keep us all safer by sharing his data breach information with the good guys.