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What you need to know about passwords and data breaches.

What do Yahoo, Target, Anthem, eBay, and Marriot have in common? They have all had major data breaches in the last few years. Unfortunately, data breaches are becoming a common thing.

To keep yourself safe you need good password management. Especially if you are guilty of using the same password in many locations. Hackers know we tend to reuse passwords. So when they get your login info from one site, they try it on many sites. They are able to check thousands of sites in minutes. 

Digicom’s Password Security Check will test your password against known breaches. It will also test how fast an attack can crack your password. Give it a try to test your online security. Need help managing passwords? Click here to see what we recommend for password management.

RSS Latest Data Breach News
  • Astoria (unverified) - 11,498,146 breached accounts March 24, 2021
    In January 2021, the lead generation company Astoria Company allegedly suffered a data breach which exposed over 11M unique email addresses. The data was discovered by Night Lion Security and contained an extensive amount of personal information including names, physical and IP addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth. Some records also contained social security […]
  • Liker - 465,141 breached accounts March 13, 2021
    In March 2021, the self-proclaimed "kinder, smarter social network" Liker suffered a data breach, allegedly in retaliation for the Gab data breach and scraping of data from Parler. The site remained offline after the breach which exposed 465k email addresses in addition to names, dates of birth, education levels, private messages, security questions and answers […]
  • Travel Oklahoma - 637,279 breached accounts March 10, 2021
    In December 2020, the Oklahoma state Tourism and Recreation Department suffered a data breach. The incident exposed 637k email addresses across a variety of tables including age ranges against brochure orders and dates of birth against contest entries. Genders, names and physical addresses were also exposed. The data was provided to HIBP by a source […]
  • Oxfam - 1,834,006 breached accounts March 2, 2021
    In January 2021, Oxfam Australia was the victim of a data breach which exposed 1.8M unique email addresses of supporters of the charity. The data was put up for sale on a popular hacking forum and also included names, phone numbers, addresses, genders and dates of birth. A small number of people also had partial […]
  • Ticketcounter - 1,921,722 breached accounts March 1, 2021
    In August 2020, the Dutch ticketing service Ticketcounter inadvertently published a database backup to a publicly accessible location where it was then found and downloaded in February 2021. The data contained 1.9M unique email addresses which were offered for sale on a hacking forum alongside names, physical and IP addresses, genders, dates of birth, payment […]

Our thanks to Troy Hunt ( for his hard work to keep us all safer by sharing his data breach information with the good guys.